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The Spring Yarn Crawl for 2023 is just around the corner!

                March 4th thru Saturday, March 11th.  

Each shop has a basket worth over $300 if your ticket is chosen - and the tickets are free.
There is a grand prize basket for all to enter when you travel to every shop on the crawl.  This is not so hard as the number of yarn shops has dwindled during the pandemic.

The 2022 Orange Blossom                                                  Crawl Winner:                         

The "Hats for Ukrainian Orphans" took a huge leap forward when this young lady brought in a whole box load of hats.  She is modeling her favorite.  

We had no idea how popular this would be and wish to thank everyone who participated.  It is no small feat to create a hat or gloves or some other piece of clothing for others.  We forget sometimes what an exceptional group of people populate our knit shop.
This is a picture of all the hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, hats, neck warmers being packaged for Ukraine.  Thanks to all who participated.

  The lucky winner for 2021.  With all that great yarn...........what will she do next?

Intrepid Knitters:

     Neither rain, nor snow, nor the virus, nor a bike accident can slow our customers.  No need to wear lipstick under a mask.  
      This dress is adorable.

Local Yarn Store Day Came and Went in A Flash

We enjoyed the company of String Theory who brought lots of unique yarns for everyone to ooh and aah over. They gave us a new awareness for the challenges faced by independent dyers to create unique yarns for the marketplace. We enjoyed their visit immensely.

*****The Winners******
What a team.
2019 KNIT! shop winner