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Ancient Arts
Yarns in DK and sock weight from Ancient Arts have arrived and the colors are really stunning. They were first known to us as a yarn company that dyed yarn to look like the colors in dogs and cats. We have certainly expanded our selection.

We saw this yarn briefly and tried to return to the booth but all we could remember was Ravens. It was listed under "A" for A Hundred Ravens. You will love getting to know this yarn.

Zauberball Crazy Cotton is a playfull new yarn that can make a sweater with only a few balls. We have carried the yarn in the past but never had a great idea for what to do with it. New patterns on Ravelry for just this yarn are really great including Zauberball sweater below.

A Hundred Ravens
Zauberball sweater
New colors for Zauberball
Marney is so serious. We both fell in love with this charming and different shawl/cape/shawlette and ordered every color combination of yarn that Prism sells. It is easy to make, good looking and very comfortable.
Trailhead Yarns
We ordered the combination of cotton and linen yarn in a lightweight. This is the top row in the picture. It should be great to wear in Florida.

Trailhead Yarns
Made here in New Smyrna Beach

Yarn from Pioneer Fiber Mill
Pioneer Fiber Mill
We recently learned that there is a local fiber mill processing alpaca and other yarns. We are so pleased to have their yarn in our shop. Natural alpaca yarns come in colors ranging from off white through all shades of brown to black. The knitting and drape characteristics of the yarn also vary by the alpaca. Please come in a see for yourself. The Pioneer Fiber Mill offers after-hours and group tours. Contact

New Projects at Knit

A few of the projects completed in the last few months are pictured below. You will amaze yourself. You can do this too. 

We can make anything. Imagine how surprised we were to learn that Lori wanted to knit an Elmo - a giant Elmo. As you can see, she accomplished her goal.

We have also made owls, dogs, lambs, crabs. Knitting and crocheting can be very creative.

This hat is in the shop and was made from a super soft Prism wool. A number of people tried it on to see how it looked and it looked great. You can add pom poms to the ends if you like. This might be a good idea for a gift for someone who enjoys skiing or lives in the North.

New Yarns:

Berroco Sesame:

This poncho is perfect for this time of year.  It is knitted with this wonderful yarn consisting of Wool, Acrylic, Cotton and Nylon.  the poncho is knitted on size 8 needles and looks great on everyone who has tried it.  

Berroco Medina:

We think this yarn makes up into the most wonderful garments.  Check out our on-line shopping