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Hotel of Bees Shawl

  You can find this pattern on Ravelry and you will need to purchase the pattern to take the class.  We have featured a lot of knitting classes, this will be a wonderful class and crochet along for crocheters.
   The class and crochet along will be divided into four sessions:
          Week 1 is the complete Set Up, Section1:  Wings Pattern and Open                                   Honeycomb Pattern.
          Week 2 Section 1: Bees Pattern and Honeycomb Filet, Section 2: Wings,                          Open Honeycomb.
          Week 3 Section 2:  Bees and Little honeycomb Filet, Section 3: wings,                               Open Honeycomb.
          Week 4 Section 3:  Bees, Flowers Filet and Edging.  Blocking.

Gayle will be teaching this class.  She has taught it before and tells us the results are terrific.  

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
This is an intermediate to advanced class. We have set the class for four sessions although most of our students will be finished in three. The extra session will assure that everyone has all the information they need to complete the shawl.
Materials required are whatever yarn you determine to use for the shawl. Ultra Pima Cotton Fine or Cascade Heritage yarn are both great choices. You will need 3 skeins each (of the Ultra Pima cotton) of colors A and B and one ckein of color C The pattern can be purchased online.
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Hotel of Bees Shawl

$ 65.00